Beth Lahr York creates media content.  She is a director, producer, writer, host, public speaker, musician, skydiver, adventurer and athlete.

Live Director & TD, Redstar Studios

With more than 20 years of television and video production experience, Beth is a two-time Emmy award winning producer and director. Thriving in live, high-pressure environments, she has directed and produced more than 75 live-event multi-camera productions (long-format music and talk programs) during her tenure as Creative Director & Executive Producer Redstar Media in Cambridge MA.

Field reporting: Snowsports Fashion Show in Las Vegas

Beth cut her teeth in local Boston broadcast television news and then went on to spend the next 10 years as a prominent freelance video director, producer, writer, and host creating content for Outside TV (formerly Resort Sports Network) nationally syndicated programming on CBS, CNN Headline News and The Weather Channel.

CVR World Cup: Vancouver

For the past three years Beth been actively producing Esports programming, serving Executive Producer and Co-host for CVR World Cup Events in Paris, Vancouver, & LA.

In her spare time she enjoys eSports Racing, triathlons, adventure racing, marathon swimming. In 2019 she a 12.5 mile Swim Around Keywest, and was on the all female team that qualified to represent the United States in the FAI World Cup of Skydiving.

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