The segments you see here are a selection of  segments and songs directly lifted from Redstar Union’s webcast/linecut (live directed/captured in front of a studio audience). The work produced here earned Beth two Emmy wins and multiple Emmy nominations and for directing and producing, from the National Academy of Television Art & Sciences, Boston/New England.

In addition to the live video & technical direction, Beth also served as executive producer and artistic/creative director on all visual elements for Redstar Media, Redstar Union and Redstar Studios. Using live mixed video on the LED backdrop wall and often layered with cameras she utilized 3 robotic cameras, 2 fixed POV cameras, and one live camera operator, to live direct and TD/switch the musical performances and on stage interviews.

About Redstar: Redstar Union produces live, series-programing in a state of the art performance space, and has presented more than 30 live-musical & specialty programs in 2014. They are all live broadcast (internet-streamed) and captured/recorded, in front of a venue/studio audience.  They are later post-produced into shows & segments for video-on-demand, website and other media outlets.