Summer Storm

Azure blue skies kissed with white puffs-
branches bending to faintly whispered songs.
Choruses carried upon each fluttering leaf.
Darkness looms distant, but marches on-
even as nightfall distant as dawn.
Familiar rumblings stirring omnipresent
gathering in billowing cathedral towers above.
Involuntary isotonic twinges twitch-
juxtaposing fortitude and restraint.
Kindred spirits volly in dichotomy-
lamenting highs and lows.
Myriad of inflections rise, rumble and flash.
Overheard from below, mere hearsay-
patient as the tides.
Stampede of the skies dissipate-
undone but now complete.
Vainglorious sun blazes
waving beams of truce.
X, the missing variable solved for-

Published by Beth Lahr York

I am a proficient cat herder by trade (Emmy Award Winning VIdeo Producer/Director). I am a fitness enthusiast, competitive skydiver, and I believe gummy worms should be part of the food pyramid.

11 thoughts on “Summer Storm

  1. What a beautiful poem, it is astonishing how different each one I’ve read is with this prompt and yours is no exception. I think my favourite line is the “Kindred spirits volley in dichotomy”. Clever idea with the structure too to have the lines overlapping, which gives it further originality. Actually reading it again, the first line is my favourite – the white puffs part makes me think of Sugar Puffs the cereal and tickles me pink. Very cool indeed.

    1. Thank you TooFull. The line “kindred” was about the clash of the high and low pressure systems…I was trying to re-imagine a thunderstorm. We’ve had a lot of remarkable and inspiring ones. Thanks for your comments and the follow!

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