Azure blue skies kissed with white puffs-
branches bending to faintly whispered songs.
Choruses carried upon each fluttering leaf.
Darkness looms distant, but marches on-
even as nightfall distant as dawn.
Familiar rumblings stirring omnipresent
gathering in billowing cathedral towers above.
Involuntary isotonic twinges twitch-
juxtaposing fortitude and restraint.
Kindred spirits volly in dichotomy-
lamenting highs and lows.
Myriad of inflections rise, rumble and flash.
Overheard from below, mere hearsay-
patient as the tides.
Stampede of the skies dissipate-
undone but now complete.
Vainglorious sun blazes
waving beams of truce.
X, the missing variable solved for-